The wines of Borgo dei Posseri vineyard are produced drawing from traditional Trentino practices, but reinterpreted in such a way that the cultivation environment becomes the main element of a strong stylistic characterization.

The farm is a sort of “wine laboratory”, perched above the Adige valley and the crests leading up to the Small Dolomites, the mountain chain marking the border between the Trentino and Veneto regions. A place from which to admire the Vallagarina in all its environmental complexity, with Ala as the local entrepôt and guardian of unexpected, obscure and unjustly forgotten agricultural know-how. Water gurgling around clods of earth which gradually turn into rock, a landscape typified by alpine plants sharing the sun’s warmth with the olive. A countryside made of contrasts that are the very essence of this rural backwater, doggedly and intelligently prised from the domineering force of the woods and mountains. Rows of vines laid out on sun-kissed terraces, plants once again claiming the soil and land that have always been tended with the skill and stubbornness which only mountain peasants know how to hand down. So many minor but essential skills passed on through sweat and in hope, while all around techniques and varieties are at risk of extinction, besieged by simple methods of cultivation and crops that tend towards uniformity instead of diversification. This is one of the reasons that lies the decision to bring back to life the historic mountain village above Ala and to experience the thrill of unearthing and relaunching the inherent agricultural might of Borgo dei Posseri. Patiently, but with the enthusiasm typical of youth, the Friends Maria Marangoni and Martin Mainenti have brought about a real revolution on their farm, but without altering in the least the natural traits of the area. Traits based on the agronomical interpretation of the weather in its interaction with the components of the hills’ soil, but rooted above all in the instinct of those tending the plants. All you need to do to encounter and appreciate these links is sip one of the Borgo dei Posseri wines. And the wines themselves – like the whole firm – are constantly evolving. This is precisely why they are the symbols of a modern reinterpretation of tradition and a pointer to the future, recovering the past to make it an integral part of tomorrow. Respecting the land and nurturing the vines as a lifestyle choice. Savouring wines that attempt to encapsulate history. Good not only to drink, but as a source of joy too.